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    Unanswered: Infinite recursion in PostgreSQL rule

    I am inserting large amount of data and I am using EF Core as an ORM, and data may have conflicting primary key from times to times due to concurrency. I am trying to create a rule in PostgresSQL in order to intercept the INSERT call and transform it into an INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING. I have defined a rule, however PostgreSQL complains that it has detected an infinite recursion:
    CREATE OR REPLACE RULE table1_insert_on_conflict_rule AS
    ON INSERT TO public.table1
    WHERE new.ignore_duplicate_pkey IS TRUE
    DO INSTEAD INSERT INTO table1 (id, col1, ignore_duplicate_pkey) 
    VALUES (, new.col1, false) ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING;
    Any ideas on how can I achieve what I want?

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    You can use a trigger instead of the rule (rules are somewhat discouraged anyway)
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