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    Unanswered: Multiplying values from different rows

    Hello all,

    I am now learning SQL and I have one question. I would like to retrieve the last row's data from the table above it.
    Meaning that I would like to group the data based on the number 10248, receiving the product of the three numbers of the table rows (11*42*72).
    Probably for someone else this should be super easy but I don't know the methodology to do something like that.
    Every help is much appreciated. Thanks!

    A B C

    1 10248 11
    2 10248 42
    3 10248 72

    10248 3 33264

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    sub multiplyAll()
    dim dAmt as double
    dim sSql as string
    dim vVal 
    sSql = "select * from table"
    Set rst = currentdb.OpenRecordset(sSql)
    With rst
      While Not .EOF
         vVal = nz(.Fields("field").Value )
         dAmt = dAmt * vVal
    End With
    msgbox dAMt
    end sub

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