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    Unanswered: SSIS Script Task - CreateObject("SAP.LogonControl.1")

    Good day

    Can anyone help me.

    I am trying to extract data out of SAP via an RFC which I have done countless times and all is working when I test the script on my laptop, but when I move the script to the SQL Server for the SSIS package it fails on the above mentioned line of code, CreateObject("SAP.LogonControl.1")

    The error is Can't create Active X Component, but SAP Gui, like my laptop, is installed. The only difference been that on my laptop it is SAP Gui 720 and server it is 730.

    Can anyone help with this? I have had this working on other server with SAP GUI 730 so do not think that is the issue but clearly I am missing something.

    Please help

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    I am not sure, as I don't work with SAP, but....

    Do a search on your laptop's registry for "SAP.LogonControl.1". You should be able to find the DLL that this function is in. If I remember correctly, you would need to follow one of the SIDs that come up with that name to find the actual file name, but it should not be too hard.

    Once you know the library that you are getting that function from on your laptop, you can check to see if that library is on the server. With luck, you may be able to find that library in SAP's support site, and determine what installs it.

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