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    Unanswered: Connecting two field names

    HI guys!
    Can someone help me out with my problem.

    I have created a table in Access 2013 with different field names and numbers.

    What i am trying to do is:

    When i scan a smartphone barcode number with barcode scanner, number is automatically recognized and shown in field (number) name, but i do not know how to connect two field names so the phone is also recognized in field (short text) name next to it. So it saves me time by typing name and features of the phone manually.

    I know Access can do this but i don't have the knowledge to do so, so please help me out how to do it step by ste.

    Thanks a lot!

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    after the barcode is entered, use the afterupdate event to lookup the person,..
    are both number and name in the text box, and you want to separate?

    separate with
    txtName =left( txtEntry,12)
    txtNumber =mid( txtEntry,13)

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    Sorry for not responding sooner. They are in separate boxes.

    Barcode is field name: number
    Product name is field name: Short text

    They are next to each other but in separate boxes aka field names.

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