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    Question Unanswered: Record Allow Edits Issue


    I have an issue when the allow-edits = true goes into effect if I start typing in a date field or another field it'll allow me to type one letter, then then
    "Unlock" message keeps appearing with every keypress and makes it nearly impossible to hit the "unlock" button so I can start typing. I'm not sure why it's allowing me to even enter text in the first place.

    I have an allow-edits = false in the before-update and after update procedure.

    I also have a key-press event that if the user presses a key to try to edit fields on the form, it shows that message.

    Unfortunately, at some point, when the allow-edits = false a user can sometimes enter text and that message keeps popping up but text still goes in the text box.

    Any thoughts why this is happening? Any work around? Thank you!

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    Do not put message in the beforeupdate event.
    You only need AllowEdit change in the button click. (Allow Edit button)
    Put a label on the form that says 'Locked'.
    When user unlocks the form,change the label to 'Edit'.
    No need for pop up messages.

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