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    Unanswered: id is not an index in this table

    I am using Access 2016 and am getting the error 'id' is not an index in this table when I attempt to open a database. The database opens but when I try to look at the code in a form I get the same error. I have tried using the Compact and Repair option to no avail. What are my options here? I see a number of repair tools for sale but didn't want to spend the money unless I know they will work.

    After trying to open I get the message that the VBA project contained in it cannot be read. It states that the database can only be opened if the VBA project is deleted which would remove all the code from the modules, forms and reports.

    Any recommendations?

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    I hope you have a backup. This message will erase all vb code in the db.
    You could try creating a blank db,and see if you can import EVERYTHING from the bad db.

    You can open it,and see if the table IS indeed Indexed.
    Then check the backup to see if it too is indexed. If so,put the backup into play.
    I think your main db is corrupted.

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