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    Unanswered: Access Combox return numerical value instead of text value.


    I am using MS. Access 2007. I have three table 1. Item table 2. item Category table 3. Opening stock entry table. I am trying to make a form to entry in opening stock entry table. I have bound one combo box from Item table with 2 row source, 1, item name 2, item category. Here Item category is a lookup field from Item Category table. Everything is connected successfully but when i select the item name it shows a number in category field instead of the actual text. Hope every one will understand, I am new in access. Please help.

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    The query in the combo has 2 columns.
    If you want the combo = number, set the bound column to that numeric field.
    You can SHOW the text but assign the number, by hiding the numeric column using column widths.

    If qry shows: IdNum, Name
    BoundCol= 1

    Cbo returns a numeric ID#

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