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    Question Unanswered: Database Design for Access & Normalization


    I run a small business and right now all of our records are stored in various google spread-sheets and PDF's ( Invoices ).

    I'm looking to create a data base to reduce user error from directly interacting with our information by creating user-forms for data entry/editing, and also to speed up the access of information ( Right now with 30,000 rows/records by 18 columns/fields, formulas, and supplementary sheets acting like queries/reports everything runs extremely slow ).

    I heard that when creating a new database you should plan out your data structure before hand. I've attempted to do that as best as I can. My knowledge on Data Bases is amateur or very little. But I believe I can learn this quickly.

    My plan is to create an Access Database to achieve all of that, and to create Invoices as reports from information in my various tables. As well as many other useful reports like schedules to send out to employees/vendors.


    Can you all analyse my Design, and tell me if you find errors, or believe it can be better normalized( or de-normalized ), any feedback to improve my design.

    Or perhaps suggest a better product (for novices) that achieves all of this so I don't have to re-create-the-wheel.

    See this google drive link for PDF.

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    it looks pretty good. Youll know more when you start using it and an error occurs or a record wont save.
    This works out the kinks.

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