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    Hello all,

    I've been using access for years. Now I'm hearing about I should be using SQL. I have a front end and back end access database. The database is about 1GIG. I'm hearing access can only handle 2GIG. I'm pretty good with working access. I know nothing about SQL. Maybe someone has some insight on why I should think move to SQL, or if you think access is still powerful and flexible. I'm open to some ideas here as I fear if I get toward the 2GIG mark my access database will fail.


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    If you are working for a large corporation, dealing with 500k+ to millions of records, then you'll need SQL server backend.
    But if you are a small business (10k records) then access should be enough.
    I ran mine in the 1G zone constantly.

    DO compact the db regularly. It does reduce very well.
    If you have a main data table that is larger than most, put that table in its own db alone. Link it into your FE. Compact.
    This can extend the life of the backend by keeping the heavy hitters in their own space, reducing file size.

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