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    Unanswered: DB@ Authoirty issue

    I am Working on db2 v10.5.

    Initially database was working fine having issue while generating the DDL of table, To resolve it i have execute the following cmd.

    db2 update dbm cfg using sysadm_group DB2ADMNS db2stop

    i have find this cmd at

    After executing the cmd, i am unable to perform following tasks

    backup of database
    create database from database.
    DDL gerente using db2look command.
    Please provide your support,how to get database in previous state.

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    To have an ability to do backups (you can test any username setting it instead of 'user' below) the following query must return some rows:

    select authority
    from table(AUTH_LIST_AUTHORITIES_FOR_AUTHID(user, 'U'))
    where authority in ('SYSADM', 'SYSCTRL', 'SYSMAINT') and d_group='Y'

    DB2 thinks that your user is a member of the following groups:

    select group
    from table(auth_list_groups_for_authid(user))


    1. What's the result of these queries for your user?
    2. DB2ADMNS - is this a local or domain group?
    3. Your user - is this a local or domain user?
    4. Your user which you use for the DB2 instance service - is this a local or domain user?
    5. Your workstation - is this a standalone workstation or a member of MS AD?

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