I have a report that reflects item info. I need to a column with UPC's. However, the table (itemalias) consists of two different info types UPC's and ShortCodes. Short codes consists of alphanumeric and UPC's are alpha only. We also have a description table (aliasdesc) that identifies the two UPC's vs ShortCodes. I am very new to Crystal and SQL so I am not able to figure out a formula to exclude ShortCodes and only give UPC info but leave a blank if there are no UPC's for that item.

I went into selection export using itemalias and used "is between" 01 and 999999999999

{CUSTITEMALIAS_NEW.ITEMALIAS} in "01" to "9999999999999999999"

This is giving me UPC's and excluding ShortCodes but now I am getting multiple items with same UPC for ShortCode would be and excluding Items with no UPC's. Does anyone know of another way or formula I can use?

Thank you