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    Unanswered: dbexport stops unexplained - 11.70.FC8


    I am running an INFORMIX 11.70.FC8 server on a AIX 6.1 machine.
    I recently updated my version from 11.70.FC2 to 11.70.FC8.
    Since the update when i am trying to do a
    for a database it never finish.
    I can see that the process is running for more than 1 hour and then suddenly it stops without giving any error. I searched the informix log and it doesnt display any error either.
    I dont know what is causing this behavior.
    Can anyone explains this to me?
    Let me know if you need to provide any additional info.

    Best Regards,

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    Was any dbexport.out creating in your working directory (where you invoke dbexport) ?
    Was a folder <database>.exp created or any unload files within or an .sql-files within?
    Which Interface (TCP/IPC) are you using when dbexporting (see INFORMIXSERVER) ?
    Is this only happening with this database or any others you created (before or after the upgrade).

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