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    Unanswered: Access Form - Default Value UDF(). How can the UDF() know what control did the call

    Access 2010


    For various text boxes on a form, I want to use a UDF() to return a string as the DefaultValue when the form opens. This UDF() is placed in the Properties dialog box.

    My question is, can the UDF() determine what control or text box is making the call? I know that Screen.ActiveControl returns a reference to the current control, but on startup, the control with the UDF() may not be the current control, but the DefaultValue section gets fired.

    Function DefaultVal() As String
    Dim ctl as Control
    Dim frm as Form
    Dim LookupName as string

    - this next line needs to be changed to reference the control with the code =DefaultVal() in DefaultValue property
    ctl = Screen.ActiveControl
    frm = ctl.Parent

    LookupName = frm.Name & "_" & ctl.Name
    DefaultVal = Lookup(LookupName) - some associated value based on the Form and Control
    End Function
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    It would probably be easier to put the code in the form's Open event.
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