Im building a database to manage many projects for a group of project managers. I'm using MS Access 2013. For each project I want to be able to autofill a column based on a series range of information from a look up table. The lookup table columns have an Aircraft Designator (e.g. AT01-AT08, P001 P150, etc) with the respective fuselage number format (which are not sequential 4 digit e.g. 0258) and Aircraft Serial Numbers format (e.g. 89-1190). I want to be able to enter in a field or fields the range of Aircraft Designators or Aircraft Serial numbers and populate a column within the specific project. For example I would enter (AT01 thru AT05, P005 thru P025, P030, P045, P050 thru P055) I want it to return the entire range and specific Aircraft Designators entered. Or I can input the Aircraft Serial numbers. Since its in the lookup table it wouldnt matter which way I go. This can be entered on a project parameter page and the results can populate on a result page. In addition to this populating I will need to enter data that pertains to each result to track data. I can converse via email and send excel versions as a sample of what will populate in the database. How can this best be done?