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    Unanswered: Development of Worker to Machine Allocation

    Hi fellow developers.
    I looking for some inspiration on how I can achieve the following. As a bit of background I am developing the front end using a tool called PHPRunner and a SQL Express backend. However it the mechanics and flow I am looking for rather than any back or front end development advice.

    So what I want to achieve is:

    I have a Table with workers in and they are allocated to a shift i.e. Early which is fixed at 08:00 to 16:00

    I want to have an input whereby I

    Pick a Worker and allocate him to Machine 1 and set his start time automatically as per the start of his shift taken from the Employee Table, in this case 08:00 and allocate him on that Machine for say 1 Hour.
    Then I want to allocate the same worker to Machine 2 with an automatic start time of which will now be 08:00+the 1 Hour already used = 09:00 and again place him on that machine for say 1.5 hours.
    This carries on until all 8 hours of the shift have been allocated.

    Can anyone suggest a structure to accomplish this please? I just can't get me head around it!

    Many thanks to you for taking the time to read this.

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    The way I see it so far, you're managing three entities: time, workers, and machines. You can think if the relationships between these entities:

    A worker is available at a time
    A worker is assigned to a machine for a time
    A machine is available at a time
    A machine has a worker assigned for a time

    You might shape how you think of time: 15 minute increments, maybe finer or coarser.

    If these relationships describe what you're trying to model, then you can proceed to thinking about what tables you'd like to create and how you'll manage them. Or, you might want to put a finer point on the relationships: are there constraints that I'm missing, or relationships that aren't completely described? Are any entities missing?

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    Thanks so much for your time in in looking at this.
    Yes you have pretty much captured what I am looking at.
    The slight nuance is that machine is available all the time. (Its a 24hr a day operation). But yes you have got it. and the time increment will be 15 mins.

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