Hi everyone!

I'm doing a project for database as a student for a minimal zoo feeding database.

A zoo has a number of different animals in different enclosures. Each enclosure is assigned a primary handler who is responsible for overseeing the feeding and care of the animals. Each enclosure holds several animals, both male and female, of the same species and the handlers are experts in caring for the particular species. Each primary handler is responsible for supervising a number of other staff who are responsible for feeding and caring for the animals.
Animals are fed several times a day, or a week, depending on the species. They each have a strict diet that the handlers monitor regularly. The exact nature and quantity of food is carefully managed on an individual animal basis.
The zoo would like to maintain a database of the feeding requirements of the animals in the zoo. This will enable them to centralise the purchase of food suppliers and gain cost benefits from buying in bulk.

I need to produce the following reports to answer the following questions:
What is the feeding schedule for each animal?
What is the feeding schedule for each enclosure?
How much food, by type, is being eaten per week?
Who is responsible for feeding which animal and when?
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I have created the following ERD diagram for my database. Can anyone foresee any issues and provide any suggestions?
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Many thanks!