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    Exclamation Unanswered: Password displayed in dump file during database connectivity in the connection string

    When Sybase central is run or any application connecting Sybase central is run, the dump taken at Windows level for this application shows the password entries. We launch our application remotely through citrix though it is standalone. If dump is taken remotely for the running application, the password is visible with which anybody can login to the database directly and do any thing. Though all the strings storing these values are nullified, the connection objects displays the connection string in the dump.

    Please suggest any solution for this

    Renuka K

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    password showing

    who can see the connection string? are you writing a automatic script to take a dump? When you login into database from Sybase central or application you manually input password it will not show to anybody else. when you launch a dump command nobody can see the connection string with password in database and only the dump command can not seen by DBA.

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