I am a simple data analyst. I have found myself contracted to a government agency which has a proprietary database provided by a vendor. Everybody accesses the database through the vendor provided GUI.

They have an ODBC User DSN built which uses a driver called c-treeACE.

I was able to use that DSN to connect to the database through Microsoft Access no problem.

Everywhere I have been before I have used MS SQL server Management Studio to access SQL Server Databases using SQL Server Authentication credentials given to me by the IT department of the agency I working with. I would like to use some type of interface to type direct SQL queries into the database to pull the data I need but nobody at the contract agency or with the database provider seems to be able to tell me how to do this and it is certainly over my head.

So can someone tell me the proper thread to put this in and / or answer the question, what in the world software can I use to connect to this database ODBC and simply type SQL to get my data ???