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    Unanswered: Newbie Here: date and days

    I am working with access 2010. I have a school, Class are either on mon-thurs wend-sat or other combinations. I would like to put a calander so I can select days, but don't know how. When I bill people, I would like the report and form to show the dates of each class. Mind you, we have many holidays here, So selecting every Mon and Thurs between certain dates won't work. I would like the ability to select the dates individually. (not as effient, but accurate.) Also, keep track of days taught. Thanks for any and all ideas.

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    date and days

    Why don't you create a Table and a Form; with Date and Memo fields
    On the Form, your date field can have a DatePicker (Calendar)

    Your reports will only show dates of your entries.
    You can also include Check Box fields such as: Study, Training, Seminar; etc. Then your reports could be grouped on these checked fields.

    Does that help?

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