I use a Product called PHPRunner to develop Databases. I have developed many applications of varying complexity and have always satisfied my customers requirements.

I now have a challenge that is as I write defeating me.

Put very simply I have a Table that is produced in SQL Server that is a result of a SP that turns data into a crosstab output. In PHPRunner I can tap into this table and set it up for display etc. However as time goes by new activities could be added to the input data which will result in the number of columns increasing proportionately. So when my new table is created on running the SP it will no longer show in my list page and error.

I have spent so much time on trying to resolve this I now can't see the wood for the trees. I am hoping that some readers may be able to take my thinking out of the box as it were and come up another ingenious solution.phprunner.pdf

I have attached the Manual for the product I use so you have an idea of what I am working with.