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    Answered: Error 3112

    I'm trying to open an .mdb extension file but I'm getting the error message: Record(s) cannot be read; no read permission on 'ObjectName' (Error 3112)
    I have tried to open the file in a different version of Access, but the program will not let me.
    Does anyone know how to fix .mdb?

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    "Below is a link with information that can help you solve this problem:"

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    err 3112 is : Application-defined or object-defined error
    it means you did not create the object, (like access, or excel)
    you should post the code so we can tell you.

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    Below is a link with information that can help you solve this problem:

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    MS Access file

    This could well be a sign of corruption, I would suggest that you treat it like that for now and try doing a compact/repair and also a decompile and see if that snaps it out of it. You may try these 7 techniques to repair MS Access database mdb file. Hope this works for you.
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