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    Unanswered: ADMIN_COPY_SCHEMA slow after changing from circular to archive logging

    After having changed the logging type from circular to archive the commands ADMIN_COPY_SCHEMA and ADMIN_DROP_SCHEMA take much longer than before (e.g. copying the same large schema took one hour before, now it takes three hours). Is there an explanation for that or even a possibilty to tune the database so that the commands run faster?

    I could not find anything related to this topic in Google... many thanks in advance for any answer!

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    Have you got an optimal archival mechanism for your workload? Post more facts, versions/fixpack/operating-system, logarchmeth1/logarchmeth2/logfilsiz/logprimary/logsecond/logbufsz/mirrorlogpath etc , and if using a vendor library post details, or if using archive to disk, check metrics for the file-system used for archival.

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