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    Unanswered: Combo box value depends on the selection of another combo box

    Good morning to All,

    I have created an "order form" through which I enter data to a table containing orders.

    There are two combo boxes that are related to each other, one is the "category of a product" and then a second one which contains the "products".

    When I am placing an order to a customer, first I choose the category of a product and then the product itself from the second field.

    All the other details are entered too and then I move to the next record.

    I followed this link in order to do it.

    My problem is that although I have entered the values on the second combobox when I am going back and forth to the records, through the form, I see only the category values on the first field and not the product related, although it is normally registered to the table.

    When I go to the "category" combobox and choose again the same category, the product appears in the second combobox in all the records that are related with this category, but the products that are connected with all the other categories disappear again to their records until I choose again the "category value" related with them. Then all the values related with the selected value appear and the others are lost.

    Any thoughts on this?
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