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    I am looking to build or find a database for my recipes but I cannot find anything already built for what I want. Does anyone have any ideas how I could build one (not too technical, I am only self taught) or find someone who could build one for me (for a sensible price, of course, this isn't for commercial use)?

    I want a database that will run similar to this:

    1 - Title of book, including photo, or website (each separate) when a book is clicked it leads on to -
    2 - List of Recipes in that book/website separated by course (Breakfast, Lunch, etc)
    3 - Location of the book - what shelf etc and page of the recipe
    4 - List of ingredients needed
    (Title of recipe needs tags to be easily searchable)

    This database would not really need the methods of cooking just the ingredients as I would like to be able to look on the database to find the recipe rather than trawling through each recipe book when I can't remember where I saw it. I have found a number of databases but nothing like what I actually want as I want to organise my books for the recipes I like in them, I know this seems a little strange but its just how I would like to organise them.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    P.S Access is useless, not what I want at all.

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    Database Advice

    The advice you have give me and others on this forum has been very professional. I think kyou would make a wonderful support worker.

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