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    Unanswered: Show all records if text fields are null between 2 values

    How to show all records from a query when the values between two texboxes are null. I have the following.
    [QuoteID]>=[Forms]![frmMain]![txtQuoteFrom] and [QuoteID]<=[Forms]![frmMain]![txtQuoteTo]. This filters works correctly but I want to show all the records if both text fields are null. I am not sure to use
    iff not is null or iff is null

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    you must analyse the fields, then build the sql :
    You cant use form boxes in a query if there's nothing in
    Test all controls for a possible filter then build the where clause.

    if not isnull(cboState) then   sWhere = sWhere & " and [state]='" & cboState & "'"
    if not IsNull(txtName) then    sWhere = sWhere & " and [Name]='" & txtName & "'"
    if not IsNull(chkContact) then sWhere = sWhere & " and [Contact]=" & chkContact.value
    if IsNull(cboState) then
      me.filterOn = false
           'remove 1st And
        sWhere= mid(sWhere,4)
         'just use the filter
      me.filter = sWhere
      me.filterOn = true
       'apply the sql to the form
    sSql = "SELECT * FROM tblCompany WHERE " & sWhere

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