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    Unanswered: dbca in windows, oracle 11g


    am not able to find DBCA in windows 10 when i installed oracle 11g XE.

    i ve searched in $oracle_home/bin folder and start -> programs -> oradb11g paths, its not available.

    i need a create a db using this DBCA, hence need to find the tool for the same.

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    As far as I can tell, Oracle XE doesn't have DBCA. XE installation process creates a database for you, and - knowiing that XE supports only one database - no DBCA. If you want to play with it, download some other Oracle database edition (Standard would be OK, I presume).

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    You can download any oracle database for training , however without a support license no patches are available and you may NOT use it for production. That being said, I am taking courses at oracle education so I downloaded the 12C enterprise for windows. When you install it, it offers a desktop mode for the install and it works very nicely. I am running a windows 7 with 8 gig of memory and my machine is still responsive with the database running. It is a very good tool to actually supplement the online lessons. While XE can be used for production if you installed it to play with oracle grab an actual database. If you are trying to setup a production server for free you are out of luck. XE comes with the default database and take it or leave it.
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