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    Unanswered: Combo box in a subform

    I have two tables: (* indicates primary key)
    Molds - *MoldNum, PartNum
    SetPoints - *ID, MoldNum, TmpDate, TmpPts

    Top of the form = MoldNum, PartNum
    Subform = TmpDate, TmpPts

    I made MoldNum a combo box, and set the source as the Molds table

    PartNum doesn't update when i make changes to the combo box, but the values in the subform do. and I can't add records without getting an error message.

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    so the error is in the combo or the subform?

    if the parent form is bound moldnum,
    The subform is tied to parent form MOLDNUM, but the suborm is tied to table SETPOINTS.
    subform: only 1 moldnum can be used here. (the one picked in parent form)
    then all entries in the subform must use that 1 moldnum.
    all data entered must have: partnum, tmpdate, tmppts
    moldnum is also in the subform , but not visible to the user. It gets filled automatically via subfrom /parent link.

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    Primary Form consists of:
    MoldNum (combo box)


    When I change the MoldNum value (with the combo box), the PartNum doesn't change but the TmpDate/TmpPts dataset in the subform does. And if I try to add a new row of data to the subform i get an error message

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