Hi, bit of background; I am new to access and I have been tasked in my work to create a database from scratch with the idea of creating an asset management system for cleaning and catering products held by my work (local authority) across several buildings. Previously, this was all done on paper but we are looking to get it up onto Access to update and maintain a better system; I currently have a master sheet with all of the entries and am not quite sure how it all works. Please bear with me as I am very new guys and am just learning the ropes

Basically I have the following fields populated with data;

ID (autonumber); currently my primary key
Asset number; each asset should have an asset number sticker on it but some are missing and therefore I can't use this as a unique field as some entries are null.
Condition; I've created a dropdown box of working, needs repaired, condemned
Type; the type of item such as hoover, buffer, fryer
Manufacturer; Henry, dyson etc
PAT test expiry; date of expiration of electrical test
Next PAT test; when the next test is booked
Location; i.e. room the asset is in such as kitchen, dining area etc
Unit; Now this is where it becomes tricky; I've had to seperate the unit field from the following 'classification field' as the location. The unit is the place that it is held, such as "Glasgow" "Edinburgh"
Classification; I have separated this because there is a list of places that have the same first part of name such as "Glasgow" "Edinburgh" but we then have "Glasgow Community Centre" "Glasgow Police station" "Glasgow Care Home" etc
UPRN: 9 digit unique number that is assigned to each building but there is more than one asset in each building.

I've began to run basic queries such as "give me all the broken hoovers in Glasgow Community Centre" and all seems to be fine but my problems begin when;

1) There is too many units/classifications to fit into a dropdown box to avoid spelling errors

2) Staff that will be adding data don't always have access to the UPRN number of the building

Ideally I'd like a database where staff can simply input their unit/classification and the UPRN is automatically filled. I've tried Googling for hours to try to get a solution to my problem but most are generic and I'm struggling to apply it to my particular situation.

Finally, I am very new to Access so would greatly appreciate any reply to be broken down into as basic terms possible!

Thank you so much to anyone that can help!