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    Unanswered: Download Query From PhpMyAdmin


    I log into my server on cPanel which I think is called phpmyadmin. When I go on my server I can go to this link and it shows me all the mysql databases running on my server. I can select a database and look inside all the tables.

    From this I can run queries inside a box at the top and the results appear.

    What I'd like to know is: Is it possible to run these types of query and then download the query to my desktop as though I'd exported it as I can do if I wish to download a table?


    PS: Hope this makes sense as I'm not sure what the correct words are to use to describe the terminology.

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    Yes it is possible, just login to phpmyadmin >> select your database >> select your table >> run your sql query > when the results are shown export it which you can see at the top, also you can select all and at dropdown select export.

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