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    Unanswered: DB2 WSE v9.7.0.11 on 2012r2 DB Server: MainframeApp server can't connect

    Mainframe application server difficulty connecting to db2 v9.7.O.11 windows 2012r2 db server
    Currently migrating our Linux db2 to windows 2012r2. Had to create a local, 8 character application ID due to Mainframe constraints. The password has to contain at least 1 special character due to Windows security constraints. I have successfully tested this new id connecting to my database locally and remote. The development team reports a SQL24 error. In our current production environment, Linux/DB2 WSE V9.7.0.11, the mainframe application has no issues connecting. But the current production id does NOT have any special characters in the password. Any suggestions how to resolve this in windows or where to look?

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    The wisdom of a fresh migration to a DB2-version that is going out of support in a few months escapes me. Post details of what you mean by mainframe, and "mainframe app server" and how it connects (i.e. jdbc type 2, jdbc type 4, or cli / odbc etc), and what is the exact SQLCODE returned from the connect (SQL 24 is unknown to me). If the appserver is on Z/OS, or Linux on Z/OS then post details. If you think that the issue is with a password value or a specific character in the password, verify whether that character-encoding is getting translated and where that translation is happening. Compare the locales/codeset/territory between your existing Linux and your new Windows-2012 r2 server. If the Windows DB2-server dbm cfg setting for AUTHENTICATION differs from that of the Linux DB2 server, post details. If using default authentication on Windows (dbm cfg authentication = server) you can iptrace the packets coming from app-server into Windows for the connect to see the password and check the encoding. Did you also eliminate (on a dev/test for your CURRENT linux setup) what happens if a password contains the same special character?

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