Hello all. I am using Libre Base as I need a cross platform RDB and I cannot seem to get to grips with Filemaker. I am looking for assistance in the design of a DB for scoring in a large annual Village Handicrafts competition. Here is some background:

1. There are 56 categories of entries known as Classes.
2. The competitors (usually around 1500) can enter as many classes as they wish. There are also group classes, for Institutes (groups of Competitors).
3. I am reasonably OK with putting the DB together and the SQL queries, but the design is stumping me and there are not a lot of examples on the web for scoring databases.
4. The entrants details will arrive in a spreadsheet which I will load into tblCompetitors. The fields are CompetitorNumber, Forename, Surname, InstituteName, InstituteLargeSmall, ClassEntered

This is where the problem begins as I have no control over the Competitors entry data and its format cannot be changed. Currently each entry for each individual receives a new unique entry number. Ie, Mrs Smith may enter classes 1 and 5. There will be 2 lines on the spreadsheet, one for each entry and each having a unique entry number. I realise this does not comply with normalisation but I cannot effect it.

There will be two tables for the scoring. One table for the individual scores for each class (first, second, third, Very Highly Commended, Highly Commended and Commended) and one table for the group class (6 scores from a choice of 8 sub classes).

I will also need a table with the Institutes names in that states if they are classed as a small Institute or large as this effects the scores. This table will be triggered on the import of the Competitors to update tblCompetitors.InstituteLargeSmall

Scores for individual Classes and Group Classes are received on paper and are entered live during the day with the result being published late afternoon. Therefore brevity of input is a must.

Ideas for Schemas would be gratefully received as I have tried several times and run into problems, each time. A fresh perspective is required I think...

All the best, RSlater269