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    Unanswered: How to add a space in rootdbs

    Hi All ,

    Please help me to share the steps for to add a chunk in existing rootdbs

    Treat this is an urgent requiremet.

    Your help will be appreciated.


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    you should be more specific when asking an urgent question, but anyway, adding a chunk to a dbspace goes like this.

    - create an empty file or raw device for your new chunk
    - change owner / group to "informix"
    - change permissions to 660

    - run as "informix"

    onspaces -a <dbspacename> -o <offset> -s <size> -p <path_to_new_chunkfile>

    size is in KB.

    For example

    touch /informix/chunks/rootdbs.002
    chown informix:informix /informix/chunks/rootdbs.002
    chmod 660 /informix/chunks/rootdbs.002
    onspaces -a rootdbs -o 0 -s 10000 -p /informix/chunks/rootdbs.002

    Hope this helps

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