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    Unanswered: Combo Box Question

    Hello everyone,
    I am very new to this and am trying to create an Access database for the first time... so far so good, sort of.

    I have a form (homepage) created with a combo box. In the combo box is a list of "ways to search" Ex. search by category (t_categories), search by group name (t_groupdata), search by pricing model (t_pricingmodel).

    What I want to happen: I want the user to select a "way to search" from the combo box, then click a "Search" button and a new form will open up with all of options in that table (sample table names above).

    I am thinking once I get the main search page figured out, I will be able to do the remainder of the forms myself. Can anyone help?

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    in a table that feeds the combo box, fill it with the item to search and the form to open
    CATA, frmCata
    GROUP, frmGroup
    PRICING, frmPricing

    the combo will have 2 collumns, the Bound column = 2.
    User sees col 1, but the 2nd col is hidden. Users dont need to see it. COLUMNWIDTHS = 1;0
    then when user chooses GROUP from the combo, the afterupdate event opens the item in the 2nd col.

    sub cboBox_afterupdate()
    docmd.openForm cboBox
    end sub

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