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    Unanswered: Creating a Join Query

    I am trying to create a join query that will combine 3 different queries called Q_OrderDelAlt, Q_OrderDtl, and Q_OrderHdr.

    The 3 different tables I want to use are called: OrderDetail, OrderHeader and OrderDeliveryAlt.

    Each table has the same field called OrderNu

    Here is the SQL for the join query:

    SELECT OrderDetail.OrderNu,
    FROM OrderDetail
    WHERE (((OrderDetail.OrderNu)=[Enter the OrderNu:]))
    ORDER BY OrderDetail.OrderNu
    SELECT OrderHeader.OrderNu,
    FROM OrderHeader
    WHERE (((OrderHeader.OrderNu)=[Enter the OrderNu:]))
    ORDER BY OrderHeader.OrderNu
    UNION SELECT OrderDeliveryAlt.OrderNu,
    FROM OrderDeliveryAlt
    WHERE (((OrderDeliveryAlt.OrderNu)=[Enter the OrderNu:]))
    ORDER BY OrderDeliveryAlt.OrderNu;

    I get this error message when I run the Join query:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Does anybody know how to make this join query work properly?

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    In Access union queries, you can only have one ORDER BY clause. IIRC, it should be before the first UNION statement.

    As written, your query will prompt for the order number three times - is that what you want?
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