I've been working on my own indie video game for the past year and a half. The game is currently in alpha and it's a few months out from an actual launch on Steam!

We're starting to explore data-tracking and database things. Do you have recommendations on where we can put our game data? Right now, all of our game data is automatically written to a Google Spreadsheet as rows and columns and Tableau (our data visualization tool) points to the Google Spreadsheet server. This actually works really well, but the (big) problem is that Google Sreadsheet has a max cell count of 400k, so that would hit capacity in less than 1 day of games. We also started to save our data in an AWS S3 bucket, but it's all in JSON format, and my understanding is that Tableau can't read JSON. Really our only use case is just a big ass place to store data that Tableau can connect to and read from. We've been doing some research and want to hopefully find a simple solution - ideally something that functions like a huge Google Spreadsheet that can store millions of rows.

If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you,