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    Answered: "Visual FoxPro not a table error

    I get this "Visual FoxPro not a table error upon opening DBF file" message when I try to open DBF file with the help of Visual FoxPro. I was able to open the file with no trouble before. Does anyone know what this message is or why it is occurring?

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    "You can try this onlince service
    The service enables users to recover dbf data from damaged databases."

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    You can try this onlince service
    The service enables users to recover dbf data from damaged databases.

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    This sort of message, relating to dBase type files, usually suggests that the header of the DBF is damaged. It could well be that the data is perfectly fine. The header contains info that may be changed every time the file is accessed, or at least every time something is changed, for example the record count, the date, and info regarding all the fields.

    The header can be fixed. If field information is damaged (less likely) then that is more of a problem.

    It does sometimes happen that the actual data is damaged, the message you get could be caused because the record count in the header is seen to be wrong, i.e. does not match the file/data length. You should be able to recover at least the bulk of the data in the file.

    Can you remember what the last thing was you were doing with the file, i.e. adding record(s), or packing, or what? This might be a hint.

    Are you up to looking in the file using a hex editor?

    If the file isn't too big, you could send me - even just the header section - and I could fix it (probably). I've fixed enough of my own (and customer's) files over the years.


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