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    Unanswered: Scripts for to check complete health check of informix

    Hello All ,

    It would be very nice if anybody can share the Unix shell scripts OR website (for to download ) of complete database of Informix (with instance )

    Thanks in advance


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    HI Prashant,

    several ways to achieve what you want
    1) go to website, check the software repository: you will find there tons of scripts for many purposes, including what you are looking for
    2) IBM ships a product with the Informix distribution called Open Admin Tool. This is a web based application that monitors about everything on one or several instances. this product is for free. The con of OAT is that it uses Adobe Flash plugin, which may be a showstopper for some companies
    3) There is an excellent product called AGS Server Studio ( with a very moderate price that does about everything that OAT does. An optional product (AGS Sentinel ) contains a large preset of Informix and system alarms, that can be forwarded to a mailing system etc so that you can sleep on both ears :-)
    Hope this helps

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