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    Hi Guys,

    I was performing DB2 FP upgrade from DB2 10.5 FP 6 to 10.5 FP 8. During it I have got the below error. now I want to run the db2chgpath command manually, But I don't know what I have to speficy in the file parameter of this command. Does anyone has any clue what should I specify in this command?

    ERROR: There were errors during the run of the db2chgpath
    program to change the embedded runtime path of the
    related DB2 library and executable files

    You may need to manually rerun db2chgpath.

    Check the log file /tmp/db2chgpath.log.30507 for details.

    OS : Linux

    Thanks in advance

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    What is the relevant information from both that log file (/tmp/db2chgpath.log.30507) and the fixpack upgrade command that you were running?

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