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    Unanswered: How to avoid DB2 locks and "with UR" sentence

    In order to avoid DB2 locks when executing a query I use the sentence "with ur". However, I could forget that sentence and create a problem in the database becasue of locks.

    Is there any way to ensure that the DB2 will not be locked although I forgot that sentence?


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    If you are using the Db2 command prompt the command SET CURRENT ISOLATION UR will establish the isolation level for the session.

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    If your client-applications use jdbc to connect to DB2, you can configure the data-sources with additional properties on the connection-string to choose the default isolation.
    If your client-applications use ODBC, there are equivalent settings for the DSNs to achieve the same result, in db2cli.ini or elsewhere.

    But beware, depending on the nature of your application, unconditionally setting the default isolation to UR can give the wrong functional results, which can negatively impact your business.

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    you can do the same with QMF and SPUFI on the mainframe as well, by binding the package WITH UR

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