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    Unanswered: undatable query from 2 unrelated tables

    Title should be; Updatable query from 2 unrelated tables

    I have two tables [operators] and [training_type] I would like to combine into an updateable query, so that I can enter [passed on] dates and edit [valid for] values using forms.
    Query1 is the format I'm looking for
    Can someone please point me in the right direction, as I have spent hours on this with no progress.
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    You would then make a 3rd table, tEmpTraining.
    EmpID, Training, Date

    Take the items in training and add to an individual in tEmps.
    A detail form of employee,with a sub form of tEmpTraining.

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    update bd

    thanks for your reply.
    I have had a go a what you described. I have Form1, from which a Combo box selects an employee. The subform, operator_training subform, selects any training for that employee that has been entered.
    I was ideally hoping all training would be listed for each employee before any training dates have been entered. Don't know if that's feasible! I can't for some reason get the trainingtypeid to automatically populated when a training type is selected.
    Any ideas!!
    I have also tried creating a form employee_training_add to enter training dates but once again cannot get the trainingtypeid to populate.
    This trainingtypeidis needed so the form training_record_tableview works correctly.
    Any tips / suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.
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