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    Unanswered: Looking at Records at the same time

    Access 2007

    Here is the scenario:
    I have an access DB built to track departing users and mailboxes. A department will send a spreadsheet with lets say ~500 mailboxes for review that are on hold. So the solution I am looking for is:
    1. User in access would have to be able to do a Mass/Batch lookup based on the data provided in an excel spreadsheet for a comparison
    2. Once they confirm the lookup/comparison, the user would like to do a Mass/Batch update on records that need to be changed.

    They do not want to do these changes one at a time because it will be to time consuming and I know I can probably perform this via a query but I do not want to have to create a query for each one of these because the data maybe different each time.

    The question really boils down to " In Access 2007, do I have the ability to update multiple records at once and how can I do this?"

    Any help is appreciated!

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    You update multiple records using an update query.
    If you get an excel list, join it to your table and update.

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