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    Question PROJECT WORK - Doesn't matter where you are in the world

    Here's what I need: Users should be able to sign up to a website. When they sign up, they fill out some mandatory demographic information: Age range, sex, ethnicity, city, state, country, occupation, and approximate income range but NO personally identifiable information (No name, address, SSN, etc.). They could also opt in to assigning other unique tags to their like from a predefined list that would include an array of medical conditions, special interests (gun owners, art enthusiasts,etc.), political affiliation, etc. The users could then send other users messages that include videos, text, and/or pictures. They would be able to send this pitch to specific people based on demographic information that they input when they signed up (i.e, I should be able to select to send my message to 25-30yo Hispanics in the LA area with the option to provide further filters like republicans or people with diabetes for users who elected to represent that tag). The invitation would invite participants to respond within 7 days and then the invitation would be rescinded. Participants would get a message from an anonymous user with the elevator pitch/text/picture/video/whatever was sent and could click either that they would buy/participate or that they would not buy/participate then be invited to write in an optional comment in a freeform text box. The trick is, there would be a credit system. In order to send out these messages to your target market, you have to respond to a reasonable number of pitches and get credits. Not too many to make it annoying, but enough to where you are a valued participant. The more credits you have, the more people you can send out these messages to. Alternatively, you could buy credits (monetization). What are your thoughts? Can you build this?

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