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    Lightbulb Unanswered: How to import CSV file?

    Please Help Me its urgent...

    How i can import csv file on server using pgadmin..i only want query because import file automatically from application..

    COPY "tablename"("col1", "co2","col3", "col4","col5","col6")
    FROM '/E:/to/xyz.csv'
    WITH DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER encoding 'latin1';

    its showing me error

    ERROR: must be superuser to COPY to or from a file
    HINT: Anyone can COPY to stdout or from stdin. psql's \copy command also works for anyone.
    ********** Error **********..

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    create a Schema for the csv file.
    manually, import the csv file, when it asks for the file, click the ADVANCED button in the bottom left corner,
    create the schema definition and save it,
    then you can import with 1 command (in a macro)

    TransferText acImportDelim, SPECname, Table, vFile, True

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