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    Need help with problem ...

    Good day! Working in the program appeared FoxPro error 2091 at the opening of the table. Tell me how to reconstruct it?: о

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    Can you remember what the last thing you did was?

    problem could be very simple, but Foxpro validation may be being too strict.

    One suggestion I've seen is to try to access the database after


    this does NOT 'fix' the problem, but allows you to access the file to try to see what the problem is.

    Depending on you version, you may need a special command to access the file -
    USE TABLECORRUPT <filename>

    The sort of things to look for, depending on just what you last did, might be a damaged last record where the header says the record IS there, but the file length does NOT include it. If you CAN open the file, just doing a PACK may help, or copy all to a new (temp) file.

    One sign of such a problem is if you BROWSE the file, and moving between the last record and the next (new) record, the screen display of the NEW record does funny things (record is partial garbage) in which case delete it and PACK.

    If I had the file to see, could prob fix it.


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