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    Question Unanswered: Object Status (Table, View etc.) VALID/INVALID in Informix

    Does Informix have object status? In Oracle there is a status on the views, tables and other objects represented by VALID/INVALID values.

    An equivalent Oracle query is:

    SELECT owner,
    FROM all_objects

    What about Informix?

    In Oracle, when dependencies of an object change impacting the object, that object becomes invalid and needs to be re-validated or recompiled. That object will still remain in the database, but in invalid state until re-validated or recompiled.

    Please let me know.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Michael,

    as far as I know, such a thing does not exist in Informix. Maybe a good thing to propose as a new feature. Many people that know Oracle have been making that question.

    What I would suggest you is to make a RFE (request for enhancement) on the IBM website. Product management and engineering regularly review RFEs and use them to implement new features.

    There is a voting system for each RFE: most popular ones have more chances to be implemented, also if they make sense and/or have a general interest for the community. So create a RFE and advertize it so that people vote for mit :-)

    And the good news is that once I just looked in this Web Site, I can see there is a request that is somewhat related to what you are asking for and that it is 'under consideration', meaning it has good chances to be implemented.

    look here

    You need to have an account on the IBM website, but it is free :-)

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    you may check SYSOBJSTATE to query for disabled constraints, for example.

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