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    Unanswered: Remote Access to database PostgresSql on NAS Synology DiskStation (DS216j)

    I have a postgres database running on a NAS Synology DiskStation (DS216j).
    I want to give remote access to the database which is running on the NAS of my local network.
    From the control panel of the NAS I can eneble the option quickconnect ( this allow an enebled user on the NAS to access to the control panel and see the files shared on the NAS).

    I can, therefore see the database files and I can open my database with Libreoffice, but when i try to connect , after typing user/password of the database user I get this error:

    see attachment.

    ps: the NAS is behind a router which has not a static IP address.
    - Do I have to use the VPN or a dynamic IP address with portforwarding ?

    • - I am using Ubuntu 16.10
    • - PostgreSQL 9.5.7 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu,
    • - Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j)
    • - Libreoffice Versjon
    • - PgAdminIIIa

    If anybody already experienced please let me know.
    I want to write a tutorial on how to set up a NAS running PostgresSQL database and have a security access from remote.

    Any help will be apprecciated.

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