I have a one-to-one relationship. The main form's table has more records than the subform table. Master and child links are set. I have decompiled and have done compact and repair. I suspect my application is malfunctioning. In that case it is not the first time (I fixed it). Nothing seems to be working this time. I have also imported into a new database.

On form-load both forms and fields are well. I continue to the next records using a ['NEXT'] button and reach the end of the sub-forms records therefore having blanks fields. I try to navigate to the previous records (also using a button) but the subform does not move/navigate. Nothing happens to the subform.

I am not able to share a screenshot if it is required. I have done compact and repair and decompile.

Here is the Current event code:

Private Sub Form_Current()

btnPreviousRecord.Enabled = Not (CurrentRecord = 1 Or NewRecord)
btnNextRecord.Enabled = Not (CurrentRecord = DCount("*", RecordSource) Or NewRecord)

'For a new Order table record
If (IsNull(Forms!Order!OrderSubform.Form!txtDate_Of_O rder_Cancel.Value) Or _
Forms!Order!OrderSubform.Form!txtDate_Of_Order_Can cel.Value = "") Then
Forms!Order!OrderSubform.Form!chckbxOrder_Cancelle d.Value = False
Forms!Order!OrderSubform.Form!chckbxOrder_Cancelle d.Value = True
End If

End Sub

This issue disappeared before and now it is back on the same form/subform. It has not occurred with others. What I did now was import that form/subform with its tables and relationships into a new Access file with the code, ran it and the problem persists.

I repaired Office 2007 and reinstalled it.