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    Unanswered: Open forms from select combobox value

    I want to know that any possible way that to open my forms open by select value from combobox
    Ex: i have 5 form for each department. When i select the department name from combobox tge time open correspondent form

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    Put the following into the "on Change" or "after update" events in your combobox:
    DoCmd.OpenReport "Exact Report Title", acViewPreview

    This page might help you more if you wanted to add other conditions.

    For Example: DoCmd.OpenReport "Program Document", acViewPreview, , "RG =" & cmbRG

    So you might need something to read in the value of the position of a particular option in your combobox. Something like:
    DoCmd.OpenReport "Report", acViewPreview, , "ComboBoxValue =" & cmbComboBox.SelectedIndex
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