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    Smile Unanswered: Download Oracle Catalog Tables Directly to a Different Server or Client Machine

    Hey Everyone!

    1) I have 20+ Oracle DBs that I am managing data models of.
    2) I need to download the database metadata catalog (mainly tables/views/synonyms) from these DBs directly to a stand alone server machine.
    3) Stand alone server machine is Windows, Oracle servers are solaris.

    Question: is it possible to connect from the stand alone server machine to Oracle DB server (running on a separate machine) and download its metadata catalog, how?

    I am trying to avoid having to first login to the OS shell of the Oracle DB server (I got 20+ physical servers) and instead need to connect and download the metadata from/to a single machine from these Oracle DB servers.

    Please help... I am hoping it is possible via the Oracle instant client, but thought to double-check before spending too much time going in the wrong direction. All thoughts, ideas and recommendations are very much welcome!

    Best Regards,

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    Any ER package should be able to collect the metadata of a number of databases, and present it nicely. All from a client. Redgate also has a product called Schema Compare that can do other things. You can also write up your own scripts to collect this data in a single place using any of the drivers (jdbc, odbc, .NET, etc.)to connect directly to Oracle (assuming all of them are listening on the network).

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