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    Unanswered: count events by user by day by month


    I have a table called meteor_events

    The primary key is: event_ID

    Each user submits a number of event per month

    Each event amongst other things has

    event_ID - Primary Key
    User_ID - this is a number and unique for each user
    Date - in yyyy,mm,dd - Format

    As an example in Jan 2017 on say the 1st

    user 1 - 25 events
    user 2 - 300 events

    Im looking for a query that will look at each month and calculate how many events per user per day by month

    thanks in advance

    John B

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    what have you tried writing thus far? Its a fairly simple query. Just this forum is here to help you with issues, not to do the job for you. There is another forum here on the site, where you can hire someone to write all the SQL you need.

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